Tips for Eating out Gluten-free


Gluten Free Thursday: Ricotta Pecan Spinach Salad

Gluten Free Thursday: Ricotta Pecan Spinach Salad (Photo credit: Love.Sasha.Lynn)

It is much easier to eat out if you are dining out near or close to home. You can always ask a friend or neighbor for restaurant recommendations of gluten-free establishments. Looking online at a menu before you go is easy, as well. Moreover, once you have gotten accustomed to a particular eatery, you can always return if you are satisfied.


However, eating gluten-free when you are traveling may provide a bit of a challenge. You can do several things however, before traveling on a trip if you are eating gluten-free.

Contact the hotel where you are staying. Contacting the hotel where you are staying is one of the best ways to gather information about potential gluten-free restaurants and eateries nearby. If the hotel is not familiar with any establishments, chances are more than likely that they will gather that information for you.

  1. Do a computer search for locations nearby where you will be staying for gluten-free restaurants and eateries. Sometimes there will be a gluten-free store where you can purchase muffins and lunch items. If your hotel offers a mini fridge or microwave, you may want to pay a few extra dollars for these amenities so that you can purchase some gluten-free foods and heat them up or refrigerate them.
  2. Call the restaurants and find out if they are truly 100 percent gluten-free. Restaurant owners and managers are always willing to go above and beyond for customers with special needs.






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