Is Gluten Free For You?

As I discussed in my last post, there is a great deal of conversation about whether people who don’t have health problems associated with gluten ingestion should eliminate gluten from their diets. Here are some other perspectives:

Gluten-free diets: a fad or healthy choice?
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From left, Karin and Lianne operate the bread slicer. Totally Gluten Free Bakery and Caf» in Lacombe, believed to be the only totally gluten free bakery and cafe in Alberta. People come from all over province to buy their product. The business is run


Will a gluten-free diet improve your health? - CNN.Will a gluten-free diet improve your health? – CNN.


Benefits of a Gluten Free DietBenefits of a Gluten Free Diet


Adapting to Life Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-FreeAdapting to Life Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free Author, Victoria Yeh, discusses how to adapt to multiple food allergies to wheat, gluten, dairy and sugar. Video courtesy Rogers TV D…

 There is so much information out there now, certainly as compared to just a few years ago, that this whole issue can make your head spin. My advice: learn as much as you can, consult with your doctor, and pay attention to your body.