Gluten Free Makeup – Another Celiac Concern

My niece, who has a pretty severe case of Celiac disease, and I had a conversation a few years ago about whether the glutens found in makeup should be a concern. Since any little bit in her diet can make her immediately sick, we thought it worth some research.

I’d forgotten that conversation until the other day when she told me about a new liner she’d found. When I went online to see more about it, I was surprised to see that part of the sales copy included that this product was gluten free. It’s also vegan, but that’s for somebody else to talk about.

Hmmm, perhaps it’s time to revisit the research.

When we first talked about this, there wasn’t much available online. Actually, there wasn’t a lot online about gluten free in general. This, obviously, was well before there was much awareness of celiac, before the testing became easier, and before going gluten free became a huge fad and commercial opportunity.

A google search for gluten free makeup returns more than 4 million entries. Better, there are a dozen paid ads (the first few entries on the top of the page and all of the ones on the right side are from folks who pay google for that ad placement). This means that manufacturers are paying attention – heavy attention – to this market for gluten free makeup. And the 4+ million returns mean there are plenty of sites wanting to give you information.

Reading through some of the information, I see that there are a LOT of cosmetic companies I’ve never heard of. Not completely surprising, since I haven’t exactly made it my life’s work to know about such things, but still… Researching for reviews would be something I would think would be beneficial if you don’t recognize the brand.

Also, here’s an interesting article from US News & World Report on celiac and makeup:

Another search, this time for specific products, also brought plenty of information. For example, my search “is maybelline gluten free” returns 387,000 places to look. In fact, as soon as I typed “is maybelline,” the dropdown suggested gluten free as a popular search.

By the way, the eyeliner my niece has is from Blinc. She likes it a lot. They’re marketed through, among others, Sephora. For me, this means I have an identifiable marketer who has a concern about selling things that please customers.

Now if you don’t have celiac but have given up gluten because you feel better without it, this is probably not a concern. The amount of gluten that you ingest or the possibility of irritation from eye makeup is probably not enough to cause a worry.

On the other hand, if you’re celiac and have noticed some symptoms you can’t identify, perhaps taking a look at your makeup would be a good thing.

Just sayin’.

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